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Lyka is an exciting platform from which to further engage students in themes of sustainability and the environment.

The Sustainability cross curriculum priority within the Australian Curriculum encourages students from Foundation to year 3 "to develop an appreciation of the necessity of acting for a more sustainable future and so address the ongoing capacity of Earth to maintain all life and meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations."

Lyka’s story world effortlessly addresses key issues facing our environment here on Earth and through storytelling, creativity, technology and play empowers students to with hands on tools to implement real change in their homes, and communities.

In a world first, children will be able to meet Lyka in real life as she tours across Australia for a series of educational labs designed to ignite the imagination through storytelling and experimentation.

Lyka’s Adventure Labs are STEAM-driven, curriculum-based, experiential education workshops. Participants meet Lyka, a young robot scientist, and help her collect specimens and data from Earth to save her home, Planet Ahmee.

Penguin Teachers’ Academy has developed a unit of work for Primary school students, (Foundation to Year 3) linking Lyka’s plush toy, books and App to the key learning areas of the Australian Curriculum and Cross Curricula Priorities so that our Australian educators can easily introduce and implement Lyka into their own classrooms.

Keep up to date with Lyka’s travels in Australia, and around the world on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

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