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Planet Ahmee is dying, and there's only one robot with a heart big enough to rescue it. Meet Lyka, lovable friend to all living creatures, as she sets off across the galaxy on a quest to find the answers that will save her home. Leaving behind everything she knows and loves, Lyka must travel through space to the strange and wild land of the scientist who created her . . . planet Earth! In a high-octane race against time, she will cross all seven continents to find hidden symbols and unlock the knowledge they represent. Will she make it before Ahmee collapses and Lyka's fellow robots are lost in space forever?

Lyka’s Adventure features a chapter book series, free mobile app and adorable plush toy for boys and girls aged 6 to 10. Receive a special code with every book to download the free iOS app and continue Lyka’s adventures with a read-aloud feature, Lyka songs, activities and a Lyka heart calibrator!

The adorable Lyka plush toy is the perfect reading companion, featuring a beautifully designed heart pocket made for a smartphone where children can bring Lyka to life through the app. Read along with the books, learn with Lyka and help her understand the world around us.

A percentage of sales from the book series and Lyka toy goes to support Lyka's Adventure Labs in schools worldwide.

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