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Download these totally AHMEE-ZING activities and experiments!

Write a letter to Lyka (younger kids) Where on Earth do you think Lyka should visit? Give her your best ideas for fun and interesting places! Remember to write your name on the letter, so Lyka knows it is from you. Write a letter to Lyka (older kids) Lyka is a new visitor on Earth – but you’ve been here your whole life. There are so many cool things you can teach her! Fill in the blanks to help Lyka learn about life on Earth.
Colour me in - Eraptor Twelve googly eyes… Great big wings… Lots and lots of teeth… It must be an Eraptor! Print out and colour this scene of the biggest, freakiest creature on Planet Ahmee. Colour me in - Lyka Print out this exciting scene of Lyka is glide-boarding on Planet Ahmee, then grab your pencils, paints and textas. What colour is the sky on Ahmee? Do the clouds on Ahmee look different? It’s up to you!
Dot-to-dot How high can you count? Higher than 20? All the way to 100? Lyka has brought a special friend to school, but their identity will be a mystery until you join all the dots. Cut-and-fold Lyka Craft activities are awesome – they’re fun to do, and when you're finished you have a new toy to keep forever! Using scissors and glue or tape, you can build this cool 3-D paper model of Lyka the robot scientist. Why not make more than one, and start a robot family?
Ahmee Maze Lyka has just finished a huge session of glide-boarding – now it’s time for some refreshment! A lovite popsicle would really hit the spot. Can you help her get through the maze and reach her favourite snack? Create your own Science Input Device Lyka uses SID to store all the important new things she learns during her adventure on Earth. With this print-out cover, you can make and design a SID of your own. Get creative and add your own style!
What is living in your water? Sneaky creepy crawlies are everywhere… But they can’t hide from your microscope! Peer into some water from the garden and see if you can find any of these tiny critters. Make your own volcano Your eyes will pop when the bright red lava erupts from your drink-bottle volcano. Get ready to run for cover!
Make your own quicksand Quicksand is hard to escape from – but it's easy to make! Create a bowl of gooey quicksand at home with just two ingredients. Grow your own seedlings Can you turn a tiny little seed into a living, growing plant? Yes you can! Learn how, and soon you could be raising your own personal farm.
Make a crystal snowflake A fun science activity that shows you how to make an amazing crystal snowflake. You can hang it on your wall or give it to a special friend!